Azazel:Demon Slayer - Real-time Character/Design UE4


For this project i wanted to try to do a video sequence inside Ureal Engine with some basic FX.
I used InstaLod for automatic Retopo/Uv/Baking for the first time with really impressive results! Some Small stretching here and there but overall im very pleased!
Used Megascans asset to create the small environment for the scene with the Unreal/Megascan Bridge.
The learning curve for using Unreal as a renderer with Ray Tracing was quite easy with all the documentation online/videos. Everything works pretty much out of the box with just a couple of settings to adjust to get the maximum quality.
Most of the effects in the scene were made with stock FX that are in the StarterContent of Unreal with slight modifications.
I also used PureRef alot on this project to gather all my Reference, Track project progress, and as a notepad.

Hope You enjoyed, thanks for reading!

Azazel : Demon Slayer - Real-time Character/Design UE4